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All that You Need to Know on Bail Bonds

All That You Need To Know On Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds are those that are framed by the Traffic or the Criminal department. It only accepts payment for bail in a daily basis in a municipal court. The prisoner has to be released once the bail bond is posted.  Like all other bonds, bail bonds also can be connected to money. With this bond, money is used as a form of security deposit in order to ‘bail’ a prisoner that is in order persuades to release a person from court. One can pay this in any form, in cash form, through VISA or MASTER card etc. Usually, an accounts clerk verifies the amount of bail money that has been posted.

Bail-Bonds-TypeIf the judge of the court do not direct where the money should be posted, then the money is again refunded to the depositor. If the money from bail bonds is not received then the depositor will get a bail notification letter. The co-signer is also responsible for paying off the premiums. bail bonds is usually done for one year. However, it might continue for a longer time and if so happens; additional premiums have to be paid. The cosigner has to pay all the additional charges that come with the bail bonds such as the posting fee, the travelling fee, cost that is incurred during long distance phone calls etc. A deputy clerk from either the traffic or the criminal division completes all the appropriate paperwork related to the bail bonds. Then, after the amount stated has been posted in court, the accounting clerk proceeds after the judge transfers that to another account.

Different Kind Of Bail Bonds

There are different kinds of bail bonds. They are, the signature bail bond, the recognizable bail bond, the surety bail bond and the cash bail bond. The defendant has to guarantee that he or she will be present in the court in future and if he or she fails to fulfill this when signature bond is imposed then the bail amount has to be paid in the signature bail bond. It the case of recognizable bail bond, the defendant promises to the court that she or he will be there in court for judicial proceeding and it is not necessary that the bail money has to be paid. In the case of surety bail bonds, the oblige has to p ay their borrowed loan back to the investor or bank and if they fail to do so, interest also has to be given with the principal amount. The last but not least is the cash bail bond.  In this type of bail bond, the defendant has to keep on paying until the trial is over.

Now let us move over to the bail bond agent. A bail bond agent is a person who acts as a co-signer and often provides up to ninety percent of the bail amount that has to be given by the defendant against some form of collateral. This is really helpful as the defendants can concentrate more on what is going on than having to worry about all the bail money related things. The people who provide these services are also named as bail bonds man.

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